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Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe

Easter is my least favorite holiday. Is Easter a holiday? Whatever. I appreciate the spiritual significance for those who celebrate it, but I'm talking about the other side of Easter: the friggin' Easter Bunny. I kind of like dying eggs, but I loathe, LOATHE, Easter egg hunts. The weather is always unpleasant & I have to endure small talk with strangers and their horrifically mannered children. I usually set something up for my kiddo at home, which is only slightly less psychologically draining than public Easter egg hunts.

My son & I had a long day today, and he finally got off to bed, but then I had to stay up & write up a scavenger hunt for him. I had to hide eggs (real eggs) for him to find (I took pics of each one to make sure they are all found & accounted for, so they won't rot in my home), and I had to make rhyming hints for his little prizes hidden around the house. Because he insisted I contact the Easter Bunny and request (demand) this sort of game. And I'm now wired yet exhausted. I'd like to throat-punch the Easter bunny. It's nice to see my kiddo enjoy himself hunting the stuff, so I guess I shouldn't be so selfish. He is pretty adorable, so I'll just keep my annoyance to myself instead of crapping all over his Easter basket (figuratively... Maybe).

Side note: At the church across from my office today, I saw a swarm of hornets near the Easter tent. I could forsee an Easter tragedy when a small child or elderly parishoner wanders up to the hornet nest without seeing it there. Yep, someone may be incurring the wrath of The Lord tomorrow when the hornets are disturbed. But it shan't be me... Because I avoid all things Easter, but I will be home, buzzed on chocolate chickens & rabbit-shaped gummies.

Mood: Die, Easter Bunny, Die!

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